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Art and Criticism in The Cultural Blender


Sunday, July 20, 2003

The image on the left above is a painting by Monet called "The Corniche of Monaco." The image on the right is an unfinished "copy" which I did as an "art experiment' a few months ago utilizing the oil brushes in the Micrografx Picture Publisher program. Although I didn't spend too much "time" on the copy, I will admit it is fairly accurate, and I'm not even a conniseur of impressionism.  
  The birth of share-able digital imaging, where each work bears equal weight with another, and novice viewers are left to make their own impression, has transformed cyberspace into the ultimate world art gallery. A quick search of "google images" for any subject, and a host of interconnected, copy/pasted, original, and corporate imagery washes over the computer screen. These can again be morphed, modified, and mutilated into something else either similar or entirely different. I don't know why I am particularly awed pr even interested in this fact, let alone possess the need to write about it. Perhaps the meaning to me is as plain as the images on the screen. Like all "art", they exist, and this makes it easy to elevate anything to an artistic and cultural place where anything can be discussed, admired, denigrated, or forgotten. The images in cyberspace, along with the sounds, movies, and multimedia presentations known as websites, are the art of the future, available today.



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